IRS interest rates jump to 6% on Oct. 1. Here’s how much money you’ll get for a missing refund

How to calculate your interest

And with the average 2021 tax refund at more than $3,000, many filers would rather have their payment on time, Lucas said.

For perspective, in 2020, the IRS reported that the average refund interest check on 2019 federal returns was $18. Interest rates at that time were 5% during the second quarter, and 3% during the third quarter.

‘It’s taxable, so be prepared to report it’

It’s taxable, so be prepared to report it.

Tommy Lucas

financial advisor at Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo

“If it doesn’t cross-check, they’re going to flag it and your return is going to get held up,” Lucas said. “Don’t forget about that interest because they will expect you to include it on Schedule B.”

He said delayed tax refunds and interest payments speak to the importance of filing an error-free return to avoid processing delays.   

As of Aug. 5, there were 9.7 million unprocessed individual 2021 tax returns, according to the IRS, with 1.8 million requiring “error correction or other special handling.”

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