Guess who’s taking over the Bahamas?

Born and raised in Nassau, a small settlement located in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas is where you will find a bright and promising star by the name of Cosaintino Murray also known as Cosaint. Began his journey into the music world at the tender age of 12 where he was introduced to numerous genres of music by taking many trips to various venues and events with his father who was a dj at the time. During this time is where his love of music began and his talent blossomed. 

He spent a few years nurturing his craft by writing and perfecting his very own songs to ensure that the words depicted his wisdom, personality and positivity.

, to promote his strong faith in God and his desire to invest and become an entrepreneur. His journey has been filled with many highs and lows like many other striving artist experience but it has not deterred him from his dream of exploring and creating music. He strives to try and continue to get his music on bigger and international platforms, and with more effort and determination he knows that he can and will make his dream a reality and also inspire others with his desire and message of spreading positivity.

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