Meet Pimptress  Rising music artist from florida is in the rise

Ashlee Kendrick aka Pimptress is an american artist from Clearwater, Florida who has gained a growing reputation as a singer/rapper/songwriter. This gifted artist has been working diligently on creating her own unique sound in Rnb & Hip-Hop for many years. Pimptress has been writing her own music since the age of 13 and also grew up singing in her church choir as a young girl. By the age of 19, Pimptress started performing at the biggest night clubs in the Tampa Bay area, from showcases to festivals, kids birthday parties & opening for some of the biggest artist ever. Pimptress is still performing and recording & has a huge catalog of music. Most importantly she has been doing all this independently! Along with several music videos on youtube & a whole catalog of music on every major music streaming platform. Pimptress has traveled all over the world showcasing her talent in music. Pimptress is also been working on several endeavors such as her clothing line “PrettyENTrepreneurz” her motto is #MyGrindontStop 

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