Meet Soma Mukherjee a Multitalented person from Bangalore

Soma Mukherjee was born in the beautiful Steel city called as Jamshedpur.Life was serene studying,cycling down the roads ,having fun in celebration of multi cultural mix and excelling in life.

She was a good student and also won various prizes in extra curricular activities along with scholarship in education.She looked good and in fact won a baby shower when 9 months old and was teased in school called Sweet apple , Cadbury etc and in college as Halo Shampoo or Champion because she was cute,chubby or good at things.She also got some offers for movies or shoots but again her parents was not in the favour.She wanted to become a doctor but her strict parents did not approve that.So she studied MBA and shifted to Bangalore after marriage.She worked in HR /administration etc .She has 13 years of experience in it .

In between she was shuttling towns to manage home. She had to manage home and career as those days house help or creche’s were not there much .She had piled some weight after delivery. And she was getting body shamed by other’s.So she decided to join a beauty or slimming centre .She took a challenge and within few months lost 18 kgs. Her first advertorials , advt came  in Times of India being the brand ambassador of the beauty clinic she had gone.Soon she got offers movies, advts, TVC, Advertorials etc. She has done movies,advts, TVC, dubbing, Advertorials,FB or insta advertising.

As a corporate trainer she has made a difference to thousands of student’s .She has around 40 certifications in various modules. NLP, Mindfulness, Career coaching from Mindler, NSDC ,Tech Mahindra pride, TTTS’,Visual mastery certified along with several other topics.She has decades of experience in training or coaching campus and corporate. She also trains underprivileged kids via government or NSDC projects .She intends to have her own training company or NGO some day.She makes social videos free for various social projects.She has done it for Mission Pani,Cancer awareness,Vitamin D, Woman’s day ,WEN programs , mensuration awareness etc.She also won various awards for social causes and being Corona warrior.

She has won few paegents .Mrs Karnataka inner beauty,Super mom and Central mall Ms photogenic in 2020 beating younger contestant’s among few.Currently, she grooms wannabe models and goes as celebrity guest or judge in fashion show or events .She has started her influencer journey recently and endorses beauty,art, sustainable living etc. She is the brand ambassador of Ezoy plus health products, Femica : organic products etc.

She has come on TV, media, newspaper etc .Her poems and articles also won awards .This year she won Beyond the box story teller award.Her work can be seen in Failwise,Beyond the box,Nazm e hayat,Brewing stories,Namaste India etc .Many poems are on U tube.Few books got published as anthologies .She intends to write complete book this year.

She won various awards but only accepted non paid awards though nominated for India or abroad.She won for being Achiever in life .She endorses this quote by Audrey Hepburn:”The beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul”.

She dons multiple hat’s and she intends to find more projects in future.We wish this talented lady all the best.She is an inspiration to women who feel society,people,marital problem, weight,age,hieght are barriers to owns goal.She thinks if you are strong nothing in the world can stop you from reaching your goals.She thanks her parents to make her strong, independent and determined to make a difference in her and other’s life.

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